Sheepscot River Pottery

34 US Route 1
Edgecomb, ME
(207) 882-9410

Hours: 9-6 M-Sat
Sun 9:30-5:30

Main Street
Damariscotta, ME
(207) 563-667

Hours: 9:30-5 M-Sat
Sunday 11-4

Each hand-thrown bowl is a unique piece that must be seen to be totally appreciated.  They grace displays in our stores in all of our beautiful glazes and patterns.  Because they are one of a kind, we invite you to visit our showrooms to view them.  We are sure you will find one to please!  Shown here: our Ocean glaze.

Design coloration, achieved via a hand painted pattern or hand applied glaze, is the finishing touch - the final process that produces a wonderful one of a kind bowl, a work of art.
This bowl is an example of our Beach glaze in a striking and popular design.  Interesting and timeless, a versatile piece in both form and function.

Each hand-thrown bowl possesses its own dimension and form. When it is glazed by the artisan's brush, another dimension and form emerges in the finished piece. Truly unique.

The pieces shown here are in our Citrus glaze,

No matter what shape or size it takes,
there is no denying the utility of the bowl.

This set of batter bowls is shown in our Iris pattern.